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Artist: Camilla Jane Gittins

Event: Private View

Date:  Thursday 18th July, 2024

Time: 6-8pm

Venue: MRS JONES Art Shop & Gallery, 118 Longden Coleham, Shrewsbury SY3 7DU



Artist Bio


Camilla was born in Montgomeryshire in 1988, Growing up on a farm in the heart of mid-Wales. She studied at Manchester College of Art & Design and obtained a BA (hons) degree in Embroidery.

After graduating, Camilla worked in London and Amsterdam as a ‘Creative Concept Designer’ for Jack Wills and Tommy Hilfiger for 9 years. Camilla has been a full-time artist for 5 years and has recently moved back to Shrewsbury with her husband and 2 small children.


Camilla is known for her abstract landscape paintings. She is heavily inspired by nature. Her paintings are sensitive reactions to the ever-changing landscapes and the connecting visible layers between land, sea and sky. She is fascinated by the depth and magnitude of the colours, layers, shapes, perspectives and patterns within nature.


Camilla’s work is characterised by her love of layering and mark making. She explores the relationship between a combination of dense and transparent layers. Her paintings feature a colourful yet calming colour palette and she works with a variety of mediums.


Camilla Jane Gittins - PRIVATE VIEW TICKETS

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